[dev] [ANNOUNCE] dvtm-0.13

From: Marc André Tanner <mat_AT_brain-dump.org>
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2014 15:43:54 +0100

[ANNOUNCE] dvtm-0.13


I just released dvtm-0.13, the tiling window manager for the console:


with sha1sum

 8a4fc2440faa3050244e5a492fb6766899e0c0d7 dvtm-0.13.tar.gz

Changes include:

 * rewritten copy mode as an external process

   Upon MOD+e dvtm pipes the whole screen buffer content to $EDITOR.
   Whatever the editor writes to stdout will be stored in an internal
   dvtm register for later pasting with MOD+p.

   This only works if your editor of choice is usable as a filter i.e:

     echo Hello World | $EDITOR - | cat

   An alternative editor to use can be set with the environment variable
   $DVTM_EDITOR. Instructions for the intended usage together with vis
   can be found at:

 * tagging concept working the same as in dwm. Current key bindings are
   as follows:

              View all windows with nth tag.

       Mod-0 View all windows with any tag.

              Toggles to the previously selected tags.

              Add/remove all windows with nth tag to/from the view.

              Apply nth tag to focused window.

              Add/remove nth tag to/from focused window.

   The default configuration sets up five different tags (1-5).

 * rudimentarily sanitize $SHELL such that SHELL=dvtm dvtm is no longer
   a fork bomb.

 * more flexible key binding configuration including the possibility
   to specify key bindings involving 3 subsequent symbols.

 * unified drawing of minimized windows always on the last screen line.
   Previously the arrangement of those minimized windows was done by the
   individual layouts.

 * use of pselect(2) instead of select(2) in order to fix a race condition.

 * cleanups and comments for the terminal emulation code (vt.[ch]).
   This is also in preparation for eventual use in vis.
   Support for italic attributes and terminfo entries ({r,s}itm).
   Recognize '\033];title\007' as title changing sequence.

 * build system (i.e config.mk) should now respect $TERMINFO and $PREFIX
   if set. By default _POSIX_C_SOURCE=200809L and _XOPEN_SOURCE=700 is
   used, if you get compile errors change them to match whatever your
   system needs to expose the required interfaces.

 * Solaris and AIX support (with some tweaks to config.mk)

All in all a lot of code was changed, comments, patches and a thorough
review is always welcome!

As a kind of social experiment I also pushed a mirror of the repository
to github:


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