Re: [dev] Operating system choice

From: Bigby James <>
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2014 14:37:49 -0600

I've been a happy Arch user for 4 years, but I've been seriously considering
moving to FreeBSD. Lots of similarities between the two, and FreeBSD has all the
software I use in its ports tree. It seems to have the right balance of
simplicity and customizability, and the -STABLE branch gets regular updates
while being more stable, reliable and predictable than Arch. Stability has
become a big concern of mine, insofar as I've finally got my user applications
and system services and such configured just so and don't want to wonder if
the next Arch update will break something. I've never had any major breaks on
Arch, but I'm at the point where even minor setbacks piss me off. Case in point:
While all of my outgoing email from the last week has ended up in the "Sent"
folder none of them have actually been sent. I've been screwing with it for over
an hour. If this mail reaches the list it's because Mutt's built-in SMTP support
worked, which means msmtp is broken, possibly from the recent gnutls update.
Second time a gnutls update broke something in the last month.

I've play with CRUX before and was impressed by its ports system, but since a)
managing wireless is more tedious than I think it should be, and b) you're
pretty much required to maintiain your own heap of ports, I'll probably take a pass on
that. CRUX has always felt kinda kludge-y. I'd give OpenBSD a try if it weren't
lacking a couple packages/ports I need for work. Gentoo isn't an option. Don't
get me started.

"A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely
foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools." - Douglas Adams
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