Re: [dev] Operating system choice

From: Louis Santillan <>
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2014 13:52:35 -0800

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned TinyCore Linux. Not everything
about it is suckless, but at least it's frugal on resources once you
get it configured how you like.

For my development machines, I started on RedHat in the 90s and
continued on with Fedora until I found Crux around 2002. Loved it but
maintaining and upgrading between versions is iffy. Finally converted
Ubuntu around 2008. Been stuck with it ever since. Got a bunch RPi's
I play with that have Debian, XBian, XBMC, etc. Experimented with
TinyCore Linux, Slax, Arch, CrunchBang, others. I also maintain a few
VPSes with Ubuntu.

I eagerly await the victor of sabotage/Morpheus/ I'd love to
get simpler and not get hit by the systemd bus. I guess we'll see who
comes out on top. What I'd really like is a statically linked Crux
built on busybox or toybox or sbase/ubase running the system/root
binaries off a RAM disk and apps off SSD.

For day-to-day stuff, I use OSX (Mac Mini & Mac Book Air). It's just
too easy that way.
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