Re: [dev] Operating system choice

From: Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe <>
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2014 20:25:12 -0500

Quoth Markus Wichmann on Thu, Nov 20 2014 21:18 +0100:
> sabotage/Morpheus/ All great ideas, but since they're
> lacking the sheer manpower the major distributions boast, they
> can't possibly have the same library of packages.

After running Slackware for a while, I've come to think this is not
a flaw, and maybe even an advantage. Compiling good software is not
much more complex or time-consuming than installing a binary, and
the advantages of a custom build are great.

None of this applies to insane software. (I do not wish to recompile
libwebkitgtk _ever again_, for example.) But aside from speeding up
fresh installs, software too awful to compile is the only good
argument for a large binary package library.

Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe
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