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In my patch, I needed to have an XSync after XChangeProperty in setatom, not just before it. It seemed to fix a race condition. I am not sure I actually fixed it completely, because I don't know how that stuff works yet, but it helped in my case. 

I haven't been able to reproduce the bug, so maybe that will help?

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not exactly. when you grabbed and moved the text release the mouse and
grab it again and move it and release and grab...^^
usually when i read texts online i always mark the text. as surf doesnt
mark that well it eventually moves it like you did in the gif and as i
do it quickly it crashes.
so try it again but this time grab, move, release, grab, ... :)


On 04/02/15 14:30, Thomas Berryhill wrote:
> Hi, like this?
> Regards,
> Thomas
> On 02/04, Famfop wrote:
>> Hello everybody,
>> i guess i found a bug in surf. as i dont know how to explain it well, here
>> is how you may reproduce it (if its not only my prob):
>> go to a page with lots of text, lets say a wikipedia article. mark
>> everything and move the marked text around with your mouse (maybe do it a
>> bit quicker). what i see is: cpu goes crazy and window closes. i m using
>> surf 0.6.
>> regards,
>> daniel
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