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Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2015 08:27:38 -0800

I believe their latest code has float support, but it isn't released yet. Their CSS support is starting to mature. ‎I use it under tabbed, like surf. 

I have been following it for years, and they have their own kind of suckless approach, but oriented toward enabling developing countries to access The Web with few resources.

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i've tested out dillo yesterday, and a bit today. it is very fast, but
lacks javascript. Overall useful for simpler pages (lwn for example),
but fails badly on things with floating elements instead of tables.

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> Marc Weber said:
>> also have a look at:
> Servo appears to suck a lot. They appear to focus on improving
> performance by spawning endless threads (complexity), and they require
> specific custom version of compiler (quirkiness).
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