Re: [dev][dwm] Systray and hipchat

From: Yury Shvedov <>
Date: Mon, 09 Mar 2015 10:42:37 +0300

Yes, I did. And it works well for me with version 2.2.1328 in any case
and I'm happily using it. Btw with this kludge the pidging bug was
partly gone: the icon shown but doesn't update properly. It is easy to
understand what happens with it, using debug output as I did for hipchat.

Kind regards
Yury Shvedov
On 03/09/2015 02:55 AM, Eric Pruitt wrote:
> Did you actually try implementing the kludge? I attempting to do so in 
> a couple of ways, and in the best case scenario, I got a space in the 
> tray where the icon should be, and although I could click it and have 
> HipChat vanish and re-appear, there was no actual icon shown. I tried 
> running HipChat with stalonetray, and there was no icon. I did the 
> same with trayer, and a thin black line appeared where the icon should 
> be, but as with my attempt to implement stalonetray's kludge, there 
> was no picture. Searching a bit, I came across this long-standing 
> issue on the HipChat tracker: 
> Eric 
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