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From: Alexander Huemer <alexander.huemer_AT_xx.vu>
Date: Thu, 7 May 2015 16:19:17 +0200


some time ago sfeed[1] was mentioned here on the list.
I tried it out. It's lean and has some very nice features, I like it.
There is one feature missing though that I personally consider
important. That's a 'read/unread' status per entry that's unread
initually and is toggled to read when the link is clicked.
I guess there is no nice way to add that feature to sfeed, one would
have to use js for that and some sucky script interfreter running.
Or is there some way I don't think about?
I would like to read some thoughts about the possiblities to gain that
feature in a suckless way.

Kind regards,

[1] http://www.codemadness.nl/downloads/projects/sfeed/

P.S.: Maybe there is some other nice feed reader out there that I don't
know about. tt-rss, miniflux and all the others are monsters
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