Re: [dev] [vis][RFC][PATCH 2/2] Implement the execution of external commands and cmd_substitute

From: Marc André Tanner <>
Date: Sun, 17 May 2015 13:18:26 +0200


I have commited a couple of patches which should implement this
functionality as described in another mail (i.e. without allocating
a temporary buffer).

Unfortunately they are only minimaly tested (I should really spend
my time on some university related projects).

The patches introduce a filter command

 :! echo Hello World

which also supports an interactive mode if no range is given:

 :!ls -1 *.c | slmenu

I hope to eventually use something like this for file name completion
etc. The filter command is then used to implement

 :r some-file

which gets translated to :! cat some-file. If a range was suplied
it gets replaced by the file content. Similarly :r! and :r ! are an
alias for :!

Finally :s/search/replace/ is translated to :!sed s/search/replace/

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