Re: [dev] surf release?

From: Joerg Jung <>
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2015 17:07:15 +0200


you are both wrong.
On Mon, Jun 01, 2015 at 04:39:39PM +0200, 7heo wrote:
> My point exactly. Plus, it does not even solve an actual problem.

It does, it makes life for downstream package maintainers (like me)
easier, as no cherry-picking of patches or own releases are required.
> On June 1, 2015 4:33:55 PM CEST, "Martti Kühne" <> wrote:
> >No it wouldn't help downstream package maintainers.

It helps, see above.

> >You're right in that package maintainers can't tell where the fixes
> >and new features are coming in, they'll not introduce their own
> >releases.

Right, you disproved your own sentence above.

> >However upstream is not everyone's taste either,

The default setting match the taste of *enough* people, so that it is
worthwhile to roll a package based on releases. This is proven by
the available packages in the various distributions.

> > in that configuration
> > changes require recompiling of the respective binary.

There are package managers which allow very easy re-compiling of
packages with own patch-sets, especially due to projects like suckless.
Several people, still prefer re-compiling of packages based on the given
releases. Because from sysadmin point of view, packages are always
wanted and preferred over random source builds.

> >Releases hence make sense for software that fits everyone's needs with
> >their configuration files, which is untrue either for most suckless
> >projects.

Releases make sense for several reasons, even for suckless projects and
and adding a tag is not hard, right?

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