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Hi Ivan,

How are you determining the memory use of multiple processes? Is it accounting for shared mappings? For example, I have a database application that has mappings shared across processes for each core. When I look at top(1), my memory usage would appear to be 200% when 4 processes are reporting 50% usage. 49% is shared across all processes. ‎In an application like surf, where it loads a lot of shared libraries, the shared mappings are code, not data.

Also, I prefer to isolate state between different browser windows/tabs. ‎If firefox is sharing process state between windows, and saving memory usage that way, then I see it as a security design issue. 

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On Mon, Jun 01, 2015 at 04:14:36PM +0100, Raphaël Proust wrote:
>> Hi, I use 2 windows of surf uses more memory then using firefox with 6 tabs
>> opened. Is there some memory leaks?
>Open the six exact tabs of your FF in surf and compare that.
>Open the two pages from your surf into your FF and compare that.
>Some pages occupy more memory than others.

Yeah, I know about that too. When you just opened both of it, firefox
will consume much more memory. But after about 100 clicks, just look at
the momory. Firefox stays around +-2% and surf takes around 10%++ or
even 20%++ when you are loading javascript heavy sites.

Note: The percentage difference is high because my computer has lesser

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