Re: [dev] surf release?

From: Teodoro Santoni <>
Date: Tue, 2 Jun 2015 00:08:31 +0200

On Mon, Jun 01, 2015 at 10:28:40AM -0600, Anthony J. Bentley wrote:
> 7heo writes:
> > Suckless comes from suck less. We're not here to settle down on wrong
> > solutions.
> Suckless has settled on the wrong solutions for years. Case in point:
> customizing software by compiling it. How often do you recompile mv, cp
> and rm? Even compiling your kernel is something that should be
> discouraged. Not because compiling is bad, but because a glut of
> features is bad. Customization, knobs, conditional compilation...
> all of these things are anti-Unix.
> Suckless is full of people who fetishize Unix without understanding it.

I'm gonna eat your bait: you're mismatching Unix with BSD.
Furthermore, out-of-the-box, convention-without-configuration software and
software shipping with their own DSLs, scripting engines, and/or plethora of
.so plugins equally suck. software is not TRV VNIX either, some of the devs are plan9
fetishists and hate heartily some parts of the Unix design (or whatever
remained from SysV and posix standards) too, so what's the point in searching
true unixness in here?
Configuration at compile-time is something that caters to an user who would
like to dedicate sometimes to one of the few clients he/she/it will use in
his/her/its life for who knows, years or even decades: compile, evaluate,
edit, recompile. When it's good it'll change only when it'll become bad.
I've compiled st once in a year. Recompiled it only recently to change font to
It isn't the way to go for devs which live off their program, or for programs
which have to handle ten thousand RFCs, work under fast-pace in hardware
development or defend millions of dollars from dozens of different attacks
from the network.
Imho this development model isn't the right one for a web browser, too. (not
developing any browser, my opinion is very humble)
And surely is not the way to go for users that don't have no time to waste in
screwing up their unix offspring and download warez bundled from your
favourite repo tree.
But this project is aimed to users who like the suckless way, the users who
like the pacman way or the apt way or the whateverbsd way and like surf too
should give you money to configure and tag the source in the tidy way you love.

Teodoro Santoni
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