[dev] [st] 0.6 release

From: Christoph Lohmann <20h_AT_r-36.net>
Date: Tue, 07 Jul 2015 21:51:55 +0200

Hello comrades.

I am pleased to announce the 0.6 release[0] of st[1].

What's new:
        * direct tty line support
                * "st -l /dev/ttyS0 115200" works
                * replace your screen(1) with st
        * backspace and delete now work like the Linux standard
                * you only need to change the defaults if you are using a real
                  hardware terminal
        * much code refactoring
        * the -g(eometry) flag now behaves like in xterm
        * the main loop now uses a monotonic clock to prevent bugs tickling
          down from a flawed time scale reality
        * invisible attribute is now supported
        * struck-out attribute is now supported
        * many wide-character bugs are fixed
        * fix XIM in st
        * new sequences:
                * CAN, ESC, LS2, LS3, DECSCUSR
                * 8bit: DECID, NEL, HTS, DCS, APC, PM, OSC
        * children now show an error message
        * VT102ID can be configured in config.h
        * fix shell selection by grasping the value from the passwd file
        * don't allow shells run by users not in passwd
        * st supports utmp[2]
        * the bell in st now calls XkbBell so it's possible to catch the
          XkbBellNotifyEvent for your own pleasure
        * many changes in the font drawing code
                * speed optimisations!
        * clipboard handling has been fixed
                * default is primary
                * clipboard needs shortcuts
        * MANY small fixes to make st more stable

I want to thank all contributors to st. Your spent time made st more ma‐
ture and useful for all of us.

Don’t forget to update your config.h! Much has changed!

Have fun!


Christoph Lohmann

[0] http://dl.suckless.org/st/st-0.6.tar.gz
[1] http://st.suckless.org/
[2] http://git.suckless.org/utmp/
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