Re: [dev] dmenu segfaults when pressing control+enter without a selection

From: <>
Date: Sat, 17 Oct 2015 18:22:47 -0500

If you are concerned with wasting time fan-ing, why reply to this thread? Calling people fanboys does nothing constructive. Neither does complaining about someone's complaints.

I personally think that being able to pull from git is a reasonable expectation for someone using software like suckless, but mocking someone for thinking otherwise is just a waste of time.

You are only giving the appearance of wanting to show everyone how 1337 you are, which is a heck of a lot more worthless than not wanting to use git.


> On 2015-10-17, at 11:39, FRIGN <> wrote:
> Hey Matthew.
>> Cool. Is there anything I could help with? I'm not asking because I
>> want a release fast.
> That's what she said.
>> If I wasn't willing to clone from git and compile from source, I wouldn't be a fan of suckless software =).
> Obviously.
>> I really like the way suckless programs are designed and coded, and I would like to be more involved in the group. I'm willing to write docs/web stuff as well as code.
> Check out the TODOs, for instance of sbase/ubase. We always need people to test the programs for correctness.
> We don't need fanboys.
> Cheers
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