Re: [dev] [sent] 0.1 release

From: Markus Teich <>
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 2015 16:06:26 +0100

Greg Reagle wrote:
> There are indeed some people on this list who interpret plain bug reports as
> rude and react in a hostile manner to them, even though
> says that dev_AT_ is appropriate for bug reports.
> I wish these people would adjust their attitude. Not only are they
> contradicting the written policy on the suckless website, they are
> discouraging bug reports. Is it better to have unreported bugs?


there are bug reports and there are "bug reports". The first report for the
segfault issue from Stephen Whitmore was more of a "bug report". I could not
reproduce it as described (the imgage slide rendered fine without a crash) and
there was no backtrace or other information helping me hunt it down. Therefore I
assumed it had something to do with the png scaling and postponed the fix due to
the coming switch to farbfeld.

The second report from "ret set" was better. It actually helped me reproduce the
bug (the python example) and contained a backtrace in case I would not be able
to reproduce it myself to at least have a hint on where to look for the bug. I
don't mind such kinds of bug reports if the sender actually is not able to fix
it himself but no one should expect such bugs to be fixed immediately by the
maintainer or some one else.

Luckily both reports were for the same bug and that one was easily fixable and I
had the spare time to actually do it myself.

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