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Date: Sun, 22 Nov 2015 19:48:37 +0100 (CET)

> ACE <> hat am 21. November 2015 um 14:36 geschrieben:
> On 11/20, Claudio wrote:
> > I've implemented a web-based "port" of sent called wsent. I agree
> > to not use the web for anything so I decided to abandon the project
> > after reading the Quenting Rameau post where he suggests a slide to
> > image conversion. Though, since I've put some effort on writing wsent
> > (which is in still in a early stage) I though someone may be
> > interested. I created the repository[0] again.
> I wouldn't bother with Quenting Rameau's idea of converting the slides
> into images, some reasons against it:
> - How do you decide which resolution the images should be rendered?
> (too small to read? too blurry in fullscreen? too big?)
> - How do you copy text from it?
> - Does every image reader support reading images inorder?

Totally agree!

> It's true that the web sucks, however I'd consider presenting text and
> some images totally OK for use on the web platform:
> + You're publishing this; it's a good idea if a lot of people can view
> the content.
> + The text can be copied
> - We're dealing with web browsers; there will be issues.

Especially the last point is hard to fix. To clone the functionality of sent
(resizing of text and images, clicking through slides, etc) you need JavaScript
and modern CSS. In sent.js¹ I use JavaScript to make a slide based presentation
out of a plain text, so at least if JavaScript fails, it will still be very
readable and easy to copy.

> Ofcourse you could just release the .txt file however I can see some
> non-technical people prefer to have the slides as you presented them,
> the web platform will fit well for this.
> If I publish a sent presentation it will be in the original .txt and web
> format.
> Alternatively I've seen LaTeX Beamer presentations released in a "paper"
> format where the slides are reformatted so they fit into the paper like
> regular text and only some small "ticks" which works as indicators of
> where slide bounderies are[0].
> Another thing to think about; what about printing the slides?

I would rather print a plain sent formatted file than single paper slides. Hard
to imagine someone holding up a single sheet of paper with just a few words on
it. But I'm not very good with analog media anyway.

> Maybe Takahashi method slides don't fit well on paper slides?
> Note; that I'm merely presenting my opinions/ideas, there may be issues
> with them.
> [0]:

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