Re: [dev] [sent] 0.1 release

From: ACE <>
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2015 14:36:16 +0100

On 11/20, Claudio wrote:
> I've implemented a web-based "port" of sent called wsent. I agree
> to not use the web for anything so I decided to abandon the project
> after reading the Quenting Rameau post where he suggests a slide to
> image conversion. Though, since I've put some effort on writing wsent
> (which is in still in a early stage) I though someone may be
> interested. I created the repository[0] again.

I wouldn't bother with Quenting Rameau's idea of converting the slides
into images, some reasons against it:
- How do you decide which resolution the images should be rendered?
  (too small to read? too blurry in fullscreen? too big?)
- How do you copy text from it?
- Does every image reader support reading images inorder?

It's true that the web sucks, however I'd consider presenting text and
some images totally OK for use on the web platform:
+ You're publishing this; it's a good idea if a lot of people can view
  the content.
+ The text can be copied
- We're dealing with web browsers; there will be issues.

Ofcourse you could just release the .txt file however I can see some
non-technical people prefer to have the slides as you presented them,
the web platform will fit well for this.

If I publish a sent presentation it will be in the original .txt and web

Alternatively I've seen LaTeX Beamer presentations released in a "paper"
format where the slides are reformatted so they fit into the paper like
regular text and only some small "ticks" which works as indicators of
where slide bounderies are[0].

Another thing to think about; what about printing the slides?

Maybe Takahashi method slides don't fit well on paper slides?

Note; that I'm merely presenting my opinions/ideas, there may be issues
with them.

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