[dev] [sbase] Portability

From: Random832 <random832_AT_fastmail.com>
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 2015 01:52:23 -0500

I downloaded and built sbase for my OSX system to test the cal program,
and noticed (and fixed locally) several issues.

Before posting any patches, I wanted to ask - philosophically speaking,
how much effort should sbase put towards supporting systems that don't
support the latest-and-greatest POSIX functions? Three functions were
missing (utimensat, clock_gettime, and fmemopen), and fmemopen in
particular required an extensive implementation, which I found online
(https://github.com/NimbusKit/memorymapping) rather than writing myself.

Also, if these are added should they go in libutil or a new "libcompat"?
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