Re: [dev] [bugs] st clears up upon resize and other little things

From: Pickfire <>
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2016 21:53:55 +0800

>1 - when you open st and some strings printed (try 'ls' for example),
>upon resizing it down and resizing it back up, the content is lost.
>Shouldn't the printed stuff remain there? This is an annoyance for
>when I, for example, 'ls' a folder, open an image that I found inside
>so dwm automatically tile st and the image, and then I close the
>image. Now the st window will not show all the content of the folder
>from when I did 'ls'. The files/folders previously printed that upon
>resize were covered are now gone and I have to 'ls' again.

This is the default, you can look more into Term.scr in st.

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