Re: [dev] [ANNOUNCE] vis-0.1: first release of a vim-like editor

From: Marc André Tanner <>
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2016 14:16:37 +0100

On Mon, Jan 18, 2016 at 08:24:14AM +0100, Jan Christoph Ebersbach wrote:
> Hi Marc,
> I like vis very much. It's blazing fast and comes with good defaults.
> The following things I noticed:
> - Setting defaults requires patching some c file instead of config.def.h

Are you referring to the white space replacement symbols hardcoded in view.c?

As mentioned elsewhere the long term goal is to move this stuff to Lua.

> - Background/Foreground colors are only applied when syntax highlighting
> is possible for the currently loaded file

Yes true, could also be taken care of by a default lexer.

> - I miss that I can't align multiple cursors in insert mode, i.e. to
> align all "=" over multiple lines. The editor kakoune supports this
> nicely

Yes I agree multiple cursor support could certainly be improved. At the
moment it is more a proof of concept (which works surprisingly well).

I have some ideas I would like to try out, but unfortunately a lack of time.

> - I also miss C-a and C-x for dealing with numbers .. but that's just a
> minor inconvenience right now

These seem to be popular? I'm just using change or replace/overwrite for
these use cases.

> - It took me ages to start vis with the proper VIS_PATH and VIS_THEME
> settings. My installation directory for vis is ~/.local which is not
> part of the default locations. Furthermore, the manpage still refers
> to ~/.vis as the location where to put my personal configuration but
> it is actually ~/.config/vis. I had to create a little shell script
> that sets VIS_PATH and VIS_THEME before starting vis. In my opinion
> these obstacles make it very hard to start playing around with it.

Sorry about that. The man page should be updated now. Such problems are
best debugged using something like:

 $ strace -o log -e open vis && cat log

> Since I'm using a light terminal background, I recreated the papercolor
> theme. Please feel free to integrate it:

Thanks, I will take a look!


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