[dev] [dwm-custom] A script base install helper in user space

From: Germain Bossu <germainbossu_AT_yahoo.fr>
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2016 11:57:03 +0100

Hi all,

This is my first email on the mailing-list, I've just registered. I
wanted to point at a recent project I've coded, which is related to dwm.

The git page is at the following URL:

For Archlinux users, I've also created an AUR package:

The core of this project is a bash script called "dwm-custom-build". It
– create a config directory in ~/.config/dwm-custom/<VERSION> where the
sources are downloaded and the patches could be dropped as well as the
config.h could be modified
– compile in /tmp/dwm-custom-build directory
– check for the application of patches and the compilation, display
some first step help to get them work
– copy the dwm binary in $HOME/bin
– it informs the user, about the config customization

I've also added a basic xsession infrastructure so that display
manager users could also use launch it. There are dwm-custom.desktop
and a dwm-custom-session examples.

As bash script pointing at common tools, it could be easily adapted
over a large panel of OS. It could also be used without any admin
privilege, as everything happens in $HOME. Without any admin privilege
remains the issue « how to get X start a session with it ? ». The
xsession infrastructure may provide inspiration to find a workaround.

= About the code:
It seems that how the code is written matters. I'm not a professional
dev and the code style hardly fits the suckless way. This is the first
contribution I've published, and wanted the code to be easily readable
and hackable for anybody (using only a limited amount of "bashisms").

Feel free to send some feedback,
Have a good week,

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