Re: [dev] [PATCH] [slock] React to key release rather than key press events

From: FRIGN <>
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 2016 15:35:47 +0100

On Thu, 28 Jan 2016 21:02:27 +1300
David Phillips <> wrote:

Hey David,

> This patch does not change this. With this patch applied, for someone to
> tamper with the shift key and *not* make a change on the screen, their only
> option is to press and never release it. This is still quite suitable for the
> paranoid.

just keep it as is. Look at this example:
Say somebody manages to "clamp" the shift key without me noticing, and I
for the better of it cannot type in my password (because it's all-caps).

So we want the screen to turn red on key down.



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