[dev] [surf] Switching to webkit2 as default

From: Nick <suckless-dev_AT_njw.me.uk>
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2016 17:50:05 +0000

Greetings fellow travellers.

I try not to keep too abreast of things like GTK and WebKit, for the
sake of my sanity, but I read this[0] today which was a pretty scary
read, really.

One thing that is particularly important is that webkitgtk2 is
receiving security updates, whereas webkitgtk1 is not, and hasn't
for quite a while. I was not aware of this. Web browsing is a
dangerous thing, and I didn't realise quite how many known
vulnerabilities I have been surfing with, and would like to reduce
that number.

I know there's a webkitgtk2 branch of surf. Is there anything
missing in it that would prevent it from being the default surf
branch? I'll gladly help bring things up to scratch if there is work
to do, as surf is a reasonable interface and I dislike it much less
than other browsers (except my pandoc / markdown / tkread setup, but
that's not very general-purpose, only really fit to read longform

Love and kisses,


0. https://blogs.gnome.org/mcatanzaro/2016/02/01/on-webkit-security-updates/
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