Re: [dev] [scc] issues with invoking

From: robin <>
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2016 09:10:43 +0200

> Yes, it is in a very early stage. Cc1 is really advanced, and it can
> parse and generate intermediate code for almost all C90, and about a
> 90% of C99. Cc2 is only a draft. I had an advanced version of cc2
> for z80, but I discarded it and I began from the beginning with the
> idea of having a multitargered compiler. Patches are welcome ;)

I think compilers are way over my level, but it's a subject that interest me and
clang is massive c++, gcc is nonstandard bloat, tcc doesnt seem sufficient,
so I wanna help.

Where would be a good place to start learning?

I have a book called "Compiler Construction: Principles and Practice", but I
find it very tedious.
If you know this book, would you say my impression is correct or am I just too
stupid yet for such an advanced subject?
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