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Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2016 20:27:16 +0200

> I think compilers are way over my level, but it's a subject that interest me and
> clang is massive c++, gcc is nonstandard bloat, tcc doesnt seem sufficient,
> so I wanna help.

There are a lot of places were helping without having a big idea about
compilers. The scc driver is one of the places. Accepting flags like
-I, -S or piping the output of cc2 to gas are things that must be

> Where would be a good place to start learning?
> I have a book called "Compiler Construction: Principles and Practice", but I
> find it very tedious.
> If you know this book, would you say my impression is correct or am I just too
> stupid yet for such an advanced subject?

Yes, this is true. Ususally books about compilers are really hard.
They are usually very theoretial, and with too much mathematic. My
suggestion for a beginner is "Let's build a compiler". It is a serie
of articles about how to write a compiler without talking about the
theory. The original articles used Pascal, and I think there is some
version in internet that translated it to C.

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