Re: [dev] [st] broken xft fallback with point size

From: Quentin Rameau <>
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2016 19:51:53 +0200

> If I understood correctly, I should re-submit the same bug anew to
> But change marker in title to [fontconfig]?
fontconfig isn't developped at suckless.

> > man st: -f font defines the font to use when st is run.
> > I read font, not fonts there.
> 1. st genuinely supports fallback fonts more then 3 years already.
> Maybe it has flaws and not mentioned in man, but at least works.
Supporting fallback fonts doesn't mean it supports passing comma
separated list of fonts as parameter (either command line or compile
time). Maybe if it's not mentioned in the man is because it doesn't
work that way.

> > $ st -f 'Inconsolata:size=15' should work fine if your fontconfig
> > is configured to handle Inconsolata font.
> 2. Bug arises only from combination of fallback and 'size' key.
> Not many other keys, nor without fallback. It has nothing to do
> with configured system-wide fontconfig, concrete fonts or
> whatsoever. Then why mention that trivial case?
Trivial case here mentioned is the correct way to use st, which you
didn't get.

You're welcome.
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