Re: [dev] "Note On Webkit Versions"

From: Sylvain BERTRAND <>
Date: Sat, 30 Apr 2016 10:24:31 +1100

The main issue is java/ecma script on the "www DOM" (Document Object Model):
Between noscript www browser code requirements and script-able www browser code
requirements, there is an abyss in size and complexity.

Additionnaly, the "modern" www tends to force the user to have a script-able
www browser, even though many www sites could provide their services with a
noscript www browser through a cleverly crafted main www portal or a dedicated
noscript www portal on the side of the main (with all bells and whistles) www
                   That's where the real fight is

For instance, youtube could provide a noscript www portal with <video> and/or
<audio> html elements. EZ and reasonable to implement even for inexperienced
coders around the globe. But no. You _must_ have a script-able www browser to
enjoy youtube (the terms of use even forbid users to employ anything else in
order to watch/listen to a video/audio stream). I have to admit, html needs a
little extension to <video>/<audio> in order to support split video/audio
streams. Basically, we would need a simple html-ed "DASH" manifest. But
vp[98]/opus high/med/low qualities video/audio combined streams should be
enough in most cases. (remainging cases would be handled with the standard
"download then view" way).
Another example: online banking. http, xhtml1.1 and css2.1 with basic forms are
hell enough to provide banking services to www users. But no. You _must_ have a
script-able www browser. And lately, it does apply to "verified by visa" and
online payments...

Sometimes, it does not work. For instance, soundcloud. Soundcloud needs a rich
GUI to provide its services. But they could provide a simple http API to let
people have their own GUI components. Many www sites have their www APIs, but
need a redirection on a script-able www browser on the side for authentication...

You have only 2.5 modern open source engines which "can run the www":
  - webkit (massive and c++ is brain damaged)
  - blink (webkit google's fork, see above)
  - gecko (firefox, massive and c++ is brain damaged)
BTW, I wonder if there is a http/mime way for a www browser to tell a http server:
"noscript please".
There is a team working on a C implemented www browser: netsurf. I got a little
chat with one of its devs: "www DOM dynamicity through script is insane".
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