Re: [dev] [dlogout] I wrote a basic logout-/shutdown-menu for use with dwm.

From: Cág <>
Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2016 02:28:14 +0300

Hi there,

Judging from my experience: I don't use a display
manager, nor dbus, systemd, consolekit etc. I'm
not sure if these things are popular here
(well, systemd at least, as the vast majority here uses
OpenBSD, right?). Also I treat my tty sessions as usual
sessions, i.e. I need X11 only to surf the net, draw
and play some games; in tty vi (nvi) + tmux is just enough‎.
Power button events work fine, thus there is no need
to type "halt" or whatever.

Of course, tis just me. I'm sure Arch/Manjaro users
will find it useful.

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