[dev] [dlogout] I wrote a basic logout-/shutdown-menu for use with dwm.

From: Thomas Oltmann <thomas.oltmann.hhg_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2016 01:08:33 +0200

Hey everybody,

I just started tinkering with dwm a couple of weeks ago. And I
especially love how customisable and extensible it is. No weird 'writing
Javascript Applets' or 'hooking into' other functions or fiddling with
cryptic XML files - it's just C code.

However, I really missed being able to run multiple sessions at the same
time, and to suspend / shutdown conveniently without using some weird
systemd command. So long-story-short, I wrote my own logout menu, which
I somewhat presumptuously called 'dlogout'. You can find it at
'https://www.github.com/tomolt/dlogout'. It's not quite finished but I
think it's already somewhat usable.

It has options for starting a new session, logging out of the current
session, suspend, hibernate, shutdown and reboot. The code is heavily
based on dmenu and uses the low-level c dbus api to interface to
multiple power-management-services. Currently supported power services
are systemd, ConsoleKit, UPower and LightDM (for starting a new
session). However, actually tested are only systemd and LightDM so far.
Also, there's currently still a weird bug in the LightDM interface code
(see BUGS file).

As for trying it out, to install just run 'sudo make install' like for
all the other suckless code. Also apply the dwm-dlogout-compat-patch. It
adds a way to quit dwm cleanly from an external program by setting the
root window title to "\117" (the DELETE ASCII character), plus it
rebinds Alt+Shift+q to open dlogout.

So, what do you think? Do you even feel there's a need for a
shutdown-menu for dwm? Are you happy with the quality of the source code?

~ Thomas Oltmann
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