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Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2016 18:27:49 +0200

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patrick295767 patrick295767 <> wrote:

Hey Patrick,

> Do you believe that Wayland will replace X11 one day? ;)

this is a tough question to answer. If we are headed on the current
course, I think we will face even more difficult times in the future
with worse monocultures than we have today (systemd, Gnome, ...).

> Besides, don't you believe that Ubuntu may have time to time some
> negative influence on Linux phylosophy?

Is this a rhetorical question?

> Quote:
> Display server expert Daniel Stone explains what is really happening
> with the future of graphical display protocols on Linux. So far as
> most Linux users are concerned, Wayland is the project that is
> eventually supposed to replace the X Window System (X).

Here's the thing: Wayland really does not make a complete stack, it
merely is a very thin protocol which allows the talk between clients and
between client and compositor. Everything else (rendering, buffer
management, input management, ...) that used to be handled by in
a reasonable manner is now pushed to each compositor. So if
someone wants to write a wayland compositor, he has to keep all
this shit in mind and prepare to do a lot of work. dwm would be
a bloody behemoth, like any other wayland compositor out there.
The only alternative is developing a plugin for weston, which is the
reference wayland compositor. However, weston is a bloody filthy
stuffed pig, definitely not something I would want to work with.

Just criticism on wayland and the troubles of developing a compositor
are nipped in the bud by trolls claiming you should write a plugin,
which really misses the point for me.
If I was one of the wayland developers' father, I would send in my son
for a checkup if he suffers from anorexia or something, because wayland
really is a bloody thin protocol and they really are scared to even
offer the slightest ease for the API-users.
The best thing to happen to wayland is an initiative to really
standardize shit on top of it. I mean, Weston acts all advanced and
stuff but doesn't even get color management right.
If you want to improve this section of the Linux ecosystem, at least
get things right that Apple has been doing perfectly for over a decade.

Color management will become more and more important in the future, the
more people will use Linux for graphic design and photography. I can't
even imagine how much of a mess it will be if every single compositor
has to think of ways for color management, handle joysticks, don't fuck
things up and so on. It's a huge mess!



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