Re: [dev] Never Ending Systemd Chronicles

From: Britton Kerin <>
Date: Sun, 7 Aug 2016 21:48:07 -0800

> If you're going to make an argument against systemd, please make a
> stronger one. Repeated noise doesn't help The Causeā„¢, as it seems to be
> around these parts.

 why all in pid 1? Seems like they didn't want you to be able to choose,
that sucks. They even gave up the robustness that could have come
from splitting off some essentials to prevent it.

Why binary logging? For the tiny minority of cases where the small constant
factor saving might make for viable logging vs. bring-the-system-down logging
it helps, but it's a pain in the ass everywhere. And guess what,
they've brought
systems down logging too much. And its been buggy in other ways, I had a
beaglebone a while back where the logging just got jammed permanently from
a corrupted log.

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