Re: [dev] Never Ending Systemd Chronicles

From: Joseph Graham <>
Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2016 15:35:21 +0100

On 21/08/16 14:05, FRIGN wrote:
> On Sun, 21 Aug 2016 12:18:45 +0200
> Christoph Lohmann <> wrote:
> Hey Christoph,
>> »My users are stupid[¹], let's make them more stupid[²] and helpless
>> [³].« -- new slogan of systemd
>> [¹] By assuming the users which really do some mount are not able to
>> do a fsck or handle it in the right order.
>> [²] Giving away the responsibility from the user to some software
>> logic and adding yet another undebuggable layer of dependency logic
>> will surely make things easier to understand and keep the leaning
>> curve low. [³] By adding the above mentioned new complexity users are
>> directly prohibited to learn about their system. This opens the
>> ground for a new generation of »Linux experts« who's only task is to
>> hide their incompetence. (As seen in many other technical markets,
>> the Microsoft software niche.)
>> We have seen where the hidden customer complexity theorem of Windows
>> has led.
> yes, this is a very good point! Added to this is the question if this
> automatic logic really covers all cases you could also handle in a
> simple shell script.
> I have an encrypted raid and it's a 10 LOC shell script to call all the
> necessary dependencies in the openrc context. It is definitely
> questionable how easy this job is if I wanted to solve the same problem
> using systemd-mount.
> Cheers
I haven't been following this thread but I'd just like to add that I
have been using systemd for years and I still haven't worked out how to
use it.
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