Re: [dev] suckless debugger?

From: Ben Woolley <>
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2016 18:54:24 -0700

> On Aug 31, 2016, at 3:07 PM, Ali H. Fardan <> wrote:
> wrote:
>> do you know of a suckless linux debugger? what is an alternative to ptrace?
> I use throw a bunch of puts()s around the code to see when it crashes
> (or misbehaves), and printf()s to print variables value while the program
> is running, and getchar()s as a breakpoints. Hope that gives you a hint

I normally just use a normal debugger and printf and logging, but I can concur with using getchar() or another kind of block on a pipe. You can even read debug commands off the pipe, which is great for interpreted languages with an eval, but just have a special command to continue execution. Some platforms even allow you to reload new code from there. I have used this trick before for a not-to-be-named language because it didn't have a debugger at the time.

> Raiz
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