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From: Evan Gates <>
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2016 07:45:37 -0700

On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 11:02 PM, FRIGN <> wrote:
> Of course, given there is only one implementation, it is highly
> portable per-se, given the interpretation is equal everywhere and 9base
> is quite easily portable.

Sadly there are two implementations. This rc[0] claims to be a
reimplementation for unix systems, but contains incompatible changes.
Here is the list of problems from the man page:

Here is a list of features which distinguish this incarnation of rc
from the one described in the Bell Labs manual pages:

The Tenth Edition rc does not have the else keyword. Instead, if is
optionally followed by an if not clause which is executed if the
preceding if test does not succeed.

Backquotes are slightly different in Tenth Edition rc: a backquote
must always be followed by a left-brace. This restriction is not
present for single-word commands in this rc.

For . file, the Tenth Edition rc searches $path for file. This rc
does not, since it is not considered useful.

The list flattening operator, $^foo, is spelt $"foo in those versions
of the Bell Labs rc which have it.

The following are all new with this version of rc: The -n flag, here
strings (they facilitate exporting of functions with here
documents into the environment), the return and break keywords, the
echo builtin, the bqstatus and version variables, the support for the
GNU readline(3) library, and the support for the prompt function.
This rc also sets $0 to the name of a function being executed/file
being sourced.

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