Re: [dev] Suckless e-comerce script proposal

From: Bobby Powers <>
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2016 09:57:39 -0400


Jochen Sprickerhof <> wrote:
> That's country specific. In Europe it's really common and with IBAN and
> BIC it's working international. Also have a look at FinTS (former HBCI)
> where you have public and private keys to communicate with your bank.
> And there is open source software to do all this.

Are you saying that doing wire transfers in Europe is common, or doing
wire transfers to pay for online goods? I'm glad to hear it is less
of a horrendous experience, but it still feels like a suck idea to
make customers jump through an additional hoop on their own, and
expect them to correctly (and without error) copy/paste the correct
amount from the order confirmation into a bank transfer form. If you
suggest writing a script to automate this: it is suck to suggest
customers write software to uniquely interact with your web site.

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