[dev] [st] Scrollback patch crashes X

From: Nick Warne <nick_AT_linicks.net>
Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2016 12:50:16 +0100

Hi All,

With latest git st and latest git scrollback patch, I had 3 X crashes
this morning - X logs show too many attempts against something or
other (unfortunately Xorg.0.log gets over written). I haven't analysed
further, as I hate locking my lowly notebook up too often.

Rolling back to my custom build of xfce4-terminal, this doesn't happen.

To reproduce, use st with just the scrollback patch applied.

Start dwm, and then use nano to load a large(ish) file (like dwm.c),
and use the PgDn key to scroll down - after about 10 seconds, X locks
up - keyboard/mouse don't do anything.

Luckily I have bound a function key in acpihandler to shutdown cleanly
- that worked to get me out of a hard shutdown.

As I say, I am loathe to try to reproduce on my notebook.

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time travel, you never can tell."
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