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From: Ingo Krabbe <>
Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2016 21:49:41 +0200

Hey Cág,

yet another editor discussion. Great :D

Actually I stopped using vim, when I learned to use plan9. That time, when I worked from a linux system I used ed, even for bigger projects and I still think that ed is a very considerable editor, that can do line numbers any time and any where you want them and yes, for fun.

In a plan9 vm I used sam that time, because that's even more fun.

But for bigger and distributed projects acme beats them all. Sam and acme are both very usefull from a linux system through the plan9port project. The full power of seperated namespaces can best be achieved in a real plan9 system, though.

Actually I don't want many features from an editor, but to display the code text in a readable way. The best thing about ed is, that it is scriptable in a very direct manner. just using the commands you write to it, anyway.

Using structural regular expressions is great to do quick edits of big or many parts of the code. These are an essential part of sam and acme.

When you edit big projects with many files, acme is a great swiss army knife.



> Hi everyone,
> I have been a long-time user of vi-like editors.
> Started with vim+tmux and nerdtree, then threw away tmux
> and nerdtree, then I understood that I don't need syntax
> highlighting and moved to nvi. Now I think line numbers
> are not necessary, too. And sometimes I even write code
> in ed, though mostly for fun.
> So, which editor do you use and what features do you need,
> if any?
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