Re: [dev] [dvtm] Scrolling back

From: Greg Reagle <>
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2016 09:13:21 -0400

On Tue, Oct 18, 2016, at 04:17, Bruno Vetter wrote:
> I am running dvtm from a linux text console. I am splitting up my main
> window into a couple of tiled windows. In one of these windows I run a
> command that outputs a lot of text. Now I want to scroll back in this
> specific window. In want to use "shift-page up" to scroll back, because
> this is the key binding for scrolling back defined in dvtm.
> But instead of scrolling back the content of my window, this scrolls back
> the whole screen.
> I hope this was more comprehensible.

The Linux console uses shift-page up. If you want to use shift-page up
for dvtm you could:
- stop using the Linux console (e.g. use X Windows, or a different OS)
- modify Linux console not to use shift-page up (I don't know if that's
possible since I'm not a Linux programmer)

Or you could use a different key in dvtm; maybe Alt-PageUp or
Ctrl-PageUp would be possible, but I don't know. DVTM already works
with Ctrl-g PageUp, use that.
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