Re: [dev] Collecting sins of Apple

From: Ammar James <>
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2016 18:55:18 -0500

I have never been able to have my Linux client access folders and files
shared under Mac OS X Samba server. Apple replaced Samba with SMBX,
their home-cooked application for Windows File Sharing. By default, it
also doesn't do much logging. If you want to review logs, you'll have to
edit the launchd item. What a pain.


On Fri, Oct 21, 2016 at 09:54:04PM +0200, lukáš Hozda wrote:
>Hello suckless folks,
>I am not very familiar with the usage of mailing lists and unsure
>whether this is the right place to post this request, but just like
>the title says, I am collecting the sins of Apple. I will be having a
>speech/presentation on problems of Apple the next week at my school
>where I plan to talk about the wrongs against people and sane software
>Apple has on account.
>I share the passion for C and ingenious, simple, concise and fair
>software and have been reading everything in dev and hackers mailing
>lists for a few months, which inspired me to ask you, sane guys, who
>seem to have a similar view on software and computers as I do, but
>have much more experience and skill in the field, for some input as
>Do you know about some bad things Apple has done in their pursuit of
>ever-increasing profits? Do you know about ways Apple is against free
>and open-source software? Please let me know. Naturally, if you know
>about some good deeds of Apple, I accept them as well.
>In return I will include everyone who shares some information in the
>sources and briefly mention the great suckless community as well.
>Thanks in advance,
>P.S: If this is indeed the wrong place to post this or it doesn't
>belong here for one reason or another, I am sincerely sorry and in
>that case, please ignore this post/mail.
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