Re: [dev] mailto: and customi URIs in surf?

From: Martin Kühne <>
Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2016 10:22:36 +0100

I can really recommend ##c on freenode. It is reputed to be a harsh
place where name-calling and stuff appears to be common, but they come
with a lot of knowledge which they have accumulated in their wiki [0].

It was actually suckless which made me take a closer look at c, as
well, but ##c made me aware that I wouldn't write code gcc or any
particular compiler. C is a collection of concepts and a programming
language that express those, which used to run pretty steadily over
the last 30 years. For it to last, that took a bit of standardisation.
There was the old c89 attempt at a standard, which is also known as
ANSI C, and the most commonly used one, c99. You can get a free html
copy of that standard with corrigenda applied in [1], the wiki even
links it as pdf. It is most central to know that for a thing that is
supposed to run optimally on all thinkable cpus, c can appear a bit
picky about when it may result in what (machine) code, what it doesn't
know at any time, defining pretty clearly what parts of the job are up
to the attentive programmer. Follow the discussions on irc, beside
that they can be rather entertaining, they can go into the real gory
details, too.


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