[dev] [announce] wjt-0.1 - slider widget

From: Ian Remmler <ian_AT_remmler.org>
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2016 19:42:15 -0600

I recently switched to dwm, and I've been using the systray patch
because I liked having a drop down volume control. But I decided to go
patchless, so I made a slider app to provide something similar:

https://github.com/ianremmler/wjt (pronounced "widget", of course)

Adjust the slider with the keyboard or mouse, and the value is printed
to stdout. The two examples in the repo are what I'm using for volume
and brightness control on my laptop. I based it on dmenu, and it should
fit in well with the other suckless tools. I hope others will find it


	- Ian.
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