Re: [dev] [surf] Webkit2 with proxy server

From: Sylvain BERTRAND <>
Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2016 18:51:25 +0100

On Sat, Dec 17, 2016 at 01:17:38PM +0000, Cág wrote:
> Staven wrote:
> >or do you know a better compromise than webkit?
> Yeah, write our own web engine with blackjack and hookers, which is
> mentioned on Project ideas page.

c++ software pulls also a c++ compiler and runtime in their dependencies, which
are horrendous compared to a C compiler/miminal runtime.

When you add up all of this, we are in no compromise but a total rip off and
take over of those critical software components by very few corporations.

Then I repeat myself, this is no compromise here, it's just being fuc*ed all
the way.

If I want to sabotage or take over a software component, I'll migrate it to c++
and push hard on a brain damaged object oriented design to scare away any
reasonably skilled coders. Moreover that design will be so fuc*ed up, it will
generate tons of bugs and security holes to justify a good salary for idiotic
bosses (or as corrupted as their coders).

The real pb are web coders: many of the web sites could have a noscript portal
without losing significant functionalities. The web sites which _must_ have a
rich GUI (hence a dynamic browser, for instance soundcloud) should provide an
simple web API (without that pile of cra* which is OAuth).

I'm about to sue some french administrations over their www sites and my french
bank www sites for their lack of interop with light www browsers.

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