Re: [dev] [sbase] [tar] some errors

From: Cág <>
Date: Sat, 24 Dec 2016 09:10:40 +0000

Laslo Hunhold wrote:

> can you design a minimal working example? Many tar implementations out
> there are unsafe or "bend" the standard in some way. Maybe we can
> resolve this easily as soon as you provide us with more information.

Imagine a typical themes directory: huge amount of files. In my case
tis around 12k. A typical icons directory is even worse: even bigger
of files and symlinks with mine having around 280k (!) files.

So here we are:

1. $ tar -c /usr/share/icons | xz > icons.tar.xz
    tar: strlcpy: input string too long

Around 30 sec pause between the command and the error.
The same with themes, except the pause is negligible.

2. $ busybox tar -c /usr/share/icons | xz > icons.tar.xz
    [10 minutes of await]

So the archive is made. Let's try to extract it:

3. $ tar -xvf icons.tar.xz
    tar: malformed tar archive

4. $ busybox tar -xvf icons.tar.xz
    [prints this big amount of files]

The archive is extracted.

Let's try something smaller. On my ~/code/suckless I have
various projects that fit the philosophy, 1515 files
with the vast majority being .git hidden files.

1. $ tar -c code/suckless | xz > suckless.tar.xz
    tar: strlcpy: input string too long

Trying to extract the archive because it was created:
    $ tar -xvf suckless.tar.xz
    tar: malformed tar archive

Trying to extract it with BusyBox:
    $ busybox tar -xvf suckless.tar.xz
    [prints the files]
    tar: short read

2. $ busybox tar -c code/suckless | xz > suckless.tar.xz

    $ busybox tar -xvf suckless.tar.xz

At the end let's try something tiny. I have a .cdw folder
in my home with just two files: cdw.conf and cdw.log.

1. $ tar -c .cdw | xz > cdw.tar.xz


Let's try to extract:

2. $ tar -xvf cdw.tar.xz
    tar: malformed tar archive

BusyBox extracts these two lads but with "short read" error
from above.

Thus, there is probably a certain amount of files tar
can do without errors, but created archives can only
be extracted with warnings from BusyBox and cannot be
extracted with sbase tar.

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