Re: [dev] Request for name suggestions: suckless video editor

From: Calvin Morrison <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2017 09:35:14 -0500

On 11 January 2017 at 20:12, Mattias Andrée <> wrote:
> Greetings!
> I'm working a non-graphical video editor. However, I need a
> proper name for the project, and I have no idea what to call
> it, so I'm taking suggestions from you.
> A non-graphical video editor may sound a bit insane. There
> will be a graphical tool for finding locating frames, but
> that is as graphical as it gets, as far as I can foresee at
> the moment. The reasons for a non-graphical video editor
> are:
> • It's source control friendly and it's easy for a user to
> resolve merge conflicts and identify changes.
> • Rendering can take a very long time. With this approach,
> the user can use Make to only rerender parts that have
> been changes.
> • No room for buggy GUI:s, which currently is a problem on
> the large video editors for Linux.
> • Less chance that the user makes a change by mistake
> without noticing it, such as moving a clip in the editor
> by mistake instead of for example resizing.
> • Even old crappy computers can be used for large projects.
> • Very easy to utilise command line image editors for modify
> frames, or to add your own tools for custom effects.
> Currently there is no support for audio, I'm not sure it's
> actually needed, but I will investigate this later. If it's
> added, I will only add tools for audio, it will not be for
> audio effects, such tools already exists and are not needed.
> The video editor uses it's own format, it is a simply container
> with the metadata: number of frames, width, heights, and
> pixel format, followed by a magic value and the video in a
> raw format. Currently the only support pixel format is
> CIE XYZ with alpha expressed in `double`:s, but in the future
> I may also add support for `float`:s for faster computations.
> So the format is not portable between machines.
> Mattias Andrée

How about?


suckless video editor.
simple video editor
small video edtior

or if you're hardcore


f***ing small video editor
f***ing suckless video editor
f**ing simple video editor
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