[dev] Request for name suggestions: suckless video editor

From: Mattias Andrée <maandree_AT_kth.se>
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2017 02:12:11 +0100


I'm working a non-graphical video editor. However, I need a
proper name for the project, and I have no idea what to call
it, so I'm taking suggestions from you.

A non-graphical video editor may sound a bit insane. There
will be a graphical tool for finding locating frames, but
that is as graphical as it gets, as far as I can foresee at
the moment. The reasons for a non-graphical video editor

• It's source control friendly and it's easy for a user to
   resolve merge conflicts and identify changes.

• Rendering can take a very long time. With this approach,
   the user can use Make to only rerender parts that have
   been changes.

• No room for buggy GUI:s, which currently is a problem on
   the large video editors for Linux.

• Less chance that the user makes a change by mistake
   without noticing it, such as moving a clip in the editor
   by mistake instead of for example resizing.

• Even old crappy computers can be used for large projects.

• Very easy to utilise command line image editors for modify
   frames, or to add your own tools for custom effects.

Currently there is no support for audio, I'm not sure it's
actually needed, but I will investigate this later. If it's
added, I will only add tools for audio, it will not be for
audio effects, such tools already exists and are not needed.

The video editor uses it's own format, it is a simply container
with the metadata: number of frames, width, heights, and
pixel format, followed by a magic value and the video in a
raw format. Currently the only support pixel format is
CIE XYZ with alpha expressed in `double`:s, but in the future
I may also add support for `float`:s for faster computations.
So the format is not portable between machines.

Mattias Andrée

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