Re: [dev] [st/dwm] Alt-Shift-C and Mod1-Shift-C

From: Snobb <>
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2017 15:12:09 +0000

On 12/01/17 07:25pm, Patrick Bucher wrote:
> Hi there,
> I'm using st and dwm at the same time, and today I discovered a little problem
> when using the default config of both programs. st uses Alt-Shift-C to copy text
> into the clipboard, dwm uses Mod1-Shift-C for closing the selected window,
> whereas Mod1 is Alt by default, at least on my machine. (Maybe some of you use
> Super_L, vulgo "the Windows key".)

I'm also using dwm and st together. Indeed using Mod4 (WinKey) makes perfect sense
in DWM. I've been using it instead of Mod1 for almost 10 years now and never looked back. :)

> So guess what happened when I was trying to copy some code into the clipboard
> today ;-)
> How do you deal with that?
> Thanks for suggestions,
> Patrick
> PS: Anybody using Arch Linux here? Since the fontconfig update today st no
> longer works with my font of choice Terminus. Just in case somebody has the same
> problem... here's my font[] definition:
> static char font[] = "Terminus:pixelsize=24:antialias=true:autohint=true:lang=ru";
I'm not the Arch user, but generally speaking the fc-list and fc-cache are your friends.
I'd start from checking if Terminus is still in the fc-list.
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