Re: [dev] surf crash

From: Greg Minshall <>
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2017 07:19:40 -0800

hi, Hiro,

sorry for some cluelessness on my part (i'm really an ex-BSD guy, so
part of my problem is not having any clue about linux; also, i'm a
gray-haired guy, so even multi-threading is sort of "after my time").

if you've patience, a few follow up questions:

> reinstall your system (yes, everything)

is this a reinstall from source, or from my original (lubuntu)
distribution? (but, see the last point below.)

> and disable all this bullshit crap like dbus,

i guess the answer to "how" here depends on whether i'm installing from
source. but, a pointer to "how" would be appreciated. (it's all in the

> keep the debug symbols enabled

it would be great to have all debug symbols, for all installed
libraries, plus the kernel. again, the 'how' -- other than installing
"-dbg" every time -- to do this...

> and make sure gdb follows the right thread that actually
> segfaults.

hmm, seems like a postgraduate thing -- maybe i'll leave this till the
time i've fulfilled the (above) requirements?

> if you can't do that and want to keep on using a horrible linux
> distribution that enables all kinds of useless features like dbus by
> default, then use a browser that is supported by your distribution.

so, i'm running lubuntu because it seemed to me the most "mainstream" +
"stripped down" distribution i'd run into. i'm running an Entroware
"Apollo" laptop, so need things like wifi, suspend/resume. if you've a
suggestion for an alternate distribution (or two, or three), i'd love to

cheers, Greg
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