Re: [dev] surf crash

From: hiro <>
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2017 17:39:02 +0100

i don't know the Entroware Apollo, but I know that lubuntu is not
stripped down at all.
i'd start with a distribution that doesn't include dbus, then compile
only what's needed for surf itself. this way configure scripts won't
accidentally find any dbus support.

you could also concentrate on figuring out how to use gdb with
threads. but i can't help you with this, i forget it myself every time
i need it.

perhaps the only solution is to stop using shitty web browsers
altogether. might be too difficult to debug with all these horrible
turbooptimized javascript machines involved (if that is really part of
the problem at all).

i'm not gonna select any solution for you cause i realize they all suck.

On 1/16/17, Greg Minshall <> wrote:
> hi, Hiro,
> sorry for some cluelessness on my part (i'm really an ex-BSD guy, so
> part of my problem is not having any clue about linux; also, i'm a
> gray-haired guy, so even multi-threading is sort of "after my time").
> if you've patience, a few follow up questions:
>> reinstall your system (yes, everything)
> is this a reinstall from source, or from my original (lubuntu)
> distribution? (but, see the last point below.)
>> and disable all this bullshit crap like dbus,
> i guess the answer to "how" here depends on whether i'm installing from
> source. but, a pointer to "how" would be appreciated. (it's all in the
> learning.)
>> keep the debug symbols enabled
> it would be great to have all debug symbols, for all installed
> libraries, plus the kernel. again, the 'how' -- other than installing
> "-dbg" every time -- to do this...
>> and make sure gdb follows the right thread that actually
>> segfaults.
> hmm, seems like a postgraduate thing -- maybe i'll leave this till the
> time i've fulfilled the (above) requirements?
>> if you can't do that and want to keep on using a horrible linux
>> distribution that enables all kinds of useless features like dbus by
>> default, then use a browser that is supported by your distribution.
> so, i'm running lubuntu because it seemed to me the most "mainstream" +
> "stripped down" distribution i'd run into. i'm running an Entroware
> "Apollo" laptop, so need things like wifi, suspend/resume. if you've a
> suggestion for an alternate distribution (or two, or three), i'd love to
> hear.
> cheers, Greg
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