Re: [dev] Re: Linux distros that don't suck too too much

From: Cág <>
Date: Wed, 01 Feb 2017 10:05:04 +0000

Mark Weber wrote::
>> Nix is C++, Perl and autotools.
> * There are attempts to get rid of Perl
> (don't know about status)
> * for the nix lanugage there are two
> alternative implementations
> - guix (uses guile scheme)
> - an experimental JS implementation

Guile only replaces Perl in Guix, but not C++.
People in GNU must have thought:
"Hmm, we already have one dialect of
Lisp, that's not enough. We need another
one for a package manager".
Guix is actively developed though.
As well as Hurd.

> What about "Vim + plugin" + vim python
> support because plugin requires it?
> Is pkgsrc strong enough to handle such
> "real world situation" ?

You can set building params in globally
in mk.conf and locally in the makefile.
pkgsrc is basically a ports system
with options galore and highly portable
(claims to be, at least). For particular
cases you will have to do some digging
but default build options are pretty
sane most of the time.

> But it could be a nice source / project to
> collaborate with as well.

If interested, the site is here[0],
the PDF guide is here[1],
there are also some FAQs on

> Thank you!


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