Re: [dev] Re: Linux distros that don't suck too too much

From: Marc Weber <>
Date: Wed, 01 Feb 2017 09:07:28 +0000

> Nix is C++, Perl and autotools.
* There are attempts to get rid of Perl (don't know about status)
* for the nix lanugage there are two alternative implementations
 - guix (uses guile scheme)
 - an experimental JS implementation

There are two aspects which can suck
A) the language being used
B) the system which got implemented

A) may suck
B) sucks less IMHO.

> pkgsrc
What about "Vim + plugin" + vim python support because plugin requires it?
Is pkgsrc strong enough to handle such "real world situation" ?

But it could be a nice source / project to collaborate with as well.
Thank you!

Marc Weber
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